Chinafaces - Alternative sustainable rural China travel to places of historical and natural interest.

We are a travel organizer based in China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Yunnan offices) creating responsible carbon low travel to alternative areas not affected by mass tourism.

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We create culturally coloured routes to the less-explored more interesting parts of China living and breathing genuine Chinese culture..

The areas where we travel are less exposed to outside contact. The parts of China we visit is very safe.

Chinafaces (trademark of Invenio Cataya ltd.) offers alternative responsible travel to rural China. We sometimes stay on farms or simple but clean guesthouses. As we go deep into rural China we are also able to fully enjoy Chinese cuisine and meet the real people of China. More than half of the Chinese population lives in the Chinese countryside.

We try to have you experience the spiritual powers of Chinese Buddhism, Daoism and Islam with us. Trail through vast deserts (China has 9 large desert), green lush mountain areas (fe.Guizhou, Yunnan provinces), vast steppes, grand rivers (Yellow river, Yangtze river, Pearl River, Mekong river) and wild corners where few travellers have been.

Chinafaces mostly works with local people, experts in their specific fields and not with guides as such. Our people meticulously manage the logistics of every china tour, where we have a wide network in China of local contacts for support.
The company is managed by a team of China-hands based in Beijing, China with offices in Hong Kong and Yunnan province.

We offer affordable hotel accommodation on strategic locations in big cities in China.
Kindly contact us for a responsible tailor made China travel plan, China travel research or other information.


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